About Us

Koh Phangan, located in the heart of South East Asia and one of the most popular stops for backpackers, is the island of true yin and yang. Part hedonistic pagan party island that climaxes with the largest music festival in the world, and part spiritual retreat that is marked by Kings, yogis and enlightened beings looking for fertile grounds to grow the seeds within their own souls. This magical island is now opening its doors to the next generation: location independent digital nomads looking for quality of life on an island paradise and using a laptop as a tool to make it happen. In Phangan this location independent laptop toting traveller finds a place to work, play, exercise, eat healthy and meet interesting like-minded people.

Come and experience our office, with its brand new conference room and laptop work-space providing the fastest and most reliable internet connection anywhere on the island. Koh Space has an outdoor garden section to relax, get some sun, or walk on the beach and chill out; a conference room in a glass office space for business or Skype meetings; and a lounge area with comfortable furniture and free water and coffee!

So come by and check out Koh Space the next time you are in Koh Phangan and see what is happening in the digital nomad world!